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About the brand 

More than just the most recognized name in watches, Rolex has become one of the most recognized brand names period. Founded in 1905 by visionary businessman Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex’s pioneering legacy set the stage for all of modern watchmaking.

From the first automatic wristwatch to the first waterproof timepiece, there’s no shortage of innovations from the legendary watchmaker. In the 1950s, Rolex began designing tool watches for deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing, and more. This trademark utility and consistency went on to become a signifier of luxury and prestige that persists to this day.

About the Rolex Submariner

Introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was the first diving watch water-resistant to 100m. The watch came fitted with a rotating 60-minute timing bezel to help divers keep track of how long they've spent underwater, and the dial was furnished with plenty of luminous material to ensure readability in the murkiest of waters. While the first Submariner was fashioned in stainless steel and paired with a black bezel and black time-only dial, Rolex eventually expanded to include a Submariner Date model, available in a variety of metals and colorways. Specs, features, and materials have, of course, improved over the last six-plus decades - yet, the fundamental design blueprint is still very much there.

Through its long and eventful life, one awash in fascinating detail and rich with cultural significance, the Rolex Submariner has evolved to become an essential milestone for any serious watch collection.

Today, just as Rolex itself has transcended the notion of being merely a watchmaker and has evolved into the ultimate illustration of attainment and luxury, so too has the Submariner moved to a higher plane. The Rolex Submariner is now just a watch in the same way that The Beatles were just a band. Yes, technically, but everything that has come after has (in some way) been shaped by it, and its cultural relevance far transcends what Rolex could have ever possibly imagined when it first created its original dive watch.

Even for a Rolex, a brand famous for how little it changes its designs over the years, the Submariner is one of the least visually altered models in the company’s history. Nearly every fundamental physical element from the first reference is to be found on the very latest model, with only the internal movements going through any sort of radical overhaul. In terms of its core blueprint, it has certainly evolved over the years but it has been a slow and measured approach that has been the very definition of evolutionary rather than revolutionary. That is the benefit of getting things right the first time.


Movement Self Winding
In House Calibre 3235
Dial Black
Case size 41mm
Material Stainless Steel
Bracelet Oyster Stainless Bracelet
Glass Sapphire
Condition New
Box & Papers Complete, Full set

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