we offer a bespoke service to help you sell your watch

what you need to know

At The Second Hand Club, we have sold some of the rarest watches of the industry. Led by industry expert, Gregory Lausch, The Second Hand Club is a leading online platform for discovering, buying and selling the world’s most exceptional watches.

If you decide to sell your watch with The Second Hand Club, we can either purchase your watch at an agreed price or sell it on consignment. If you choose to consign your watch with us, our team of in-house experts can advise on the most suitable option for sale.

We offer the most competitive consignment fee rate of the industry, no matter the value of your timepiece. We charge a flat rate of 3% of final sale price and we issue payment to you within 24 hours of the sale of your watch.

Fill in the form down below to get started or contact us today at contact@thesecondhandclub.com or +1 786 718 5608 for any questions you may have about the process.